Save Los Angeles County Raceway!

6850 East Avenue T. Palmdale, CA 93550


Contact our Local Government, help lobby L.A.C.R. to build a new facility on the current property when the mining is finished!

Remember to be courteous at all times because these folks can make things happen!


Below you will find a form letter that you can send via e-mail to our elected officials in regard to Save LACR.

To make this task easy for all of you I have also included all of the e-mail contact information in this bulletin.
All you will have to do is to copy and paste this letter into a new e-mail and send it off to them.

We have added a new section to this web site to view letters of what others have had to say on a more personal level, just Click Here to check it out!

At this time I would like to thank all of you for your support,

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You may or may not beware of the "Closing of Los Angeles County Raceway" located at 6850 East Avenue T, Littlerock, CA 91543 and the effect it will have on the community at large, but most of all our "Young Adults"!

I'm sure that like all of us you are concerned with the "Street Racing" problem that exists today in our society, this is brought home every time we pick up a newspaper or tune in to the local news, and are informed of another accident as a direct result of "Street Racing" and another loss of "Life and Property".

LACR has been serving the communities in Los Angeles County for over 40 years; it has been a "Landmark" that has not only generated revenue for the County of Los Angeles and the Cities of Palmdale and Lancaster in particular. Most of all it has given our "Young Adults" and "Race Fans" a "Safe" and "Legal" place to race rather than the city streets. Due to the "Mining of Aggregate" (by Granite Construction) next door to LACR, the Drag Strip is doomed unless you help!

There needs to be at the "Vary Least a Moratorium" on the digging to allow "Local Governments" (City and County) to come up with an alternative. To let this proceed unaddressed is not in "Your Best Interest" or that of "The Community as a Whole".

As "Elected Officials" we ask you to "Stand Up" for our "Kids and Our Community"!

For more on this issue and contact information please visit




Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Los Angeles Office
300 South Spring Street
Suite 16701
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 213-897-0322
Fax: 213-897-0319



Runner, George - State Senator
848 W Lancaster Blvd. Suite 101 Lancaster, CA 93534
(661) 729-6239
E-mail Form: Click Here!
Sharon Runner Assemblywomen 36th District
747 West Lancaster Boulevard
Lancaster, CA 93534
Phone: (661) 723-3368
Fax: (661) 723-6307

Zev Yaroslavsky - Chairman of the Board
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors


Palmdale City Officials:

James C. Ledford Jr., Mayor

Board Members:

Mike Dispenza, Mayor Pro Tem
Steven D. Hofbauer, Councilmember
Stephen Knight, Councilmember
Tom Lackey, Councilmember
Robert W. Toone Jr., City Manager

LA County Supervisor 5th District
Michael D Antonovich
1113 W. Ave M-4, Suite A
Palmdale, CA 93551
(661) 726-3600
Email Form Click Here!: 

We all need to continue writing and e-mailing our local, State and County government officials to let them know that we have not given up and we wont until a solution is found. With this in mind I think that it might behoove us to also contact Granite Construction directly with e-mails and letters of concern.

These letters should be that of our own personal experiences and opinions. Please remember to be polite and 
cordial no matter how frustrating the situation may be.

At this point we have nothing to lose, below is a list of general contacts for Granite, e-mail them, fax them sent letters by snail mail !

Thank you all once again,

The Moldy one

General Corporate:

Board of Directors Contact Names:

David H. Watts: Chairman of the Board
William G. Dorey: Chief Executive Officer /President
James W. Bradford: Strategic Planning Committee
Gary M. Cusumano: Strategic Planning Committee
David H. Kelsey: Senior Vice President
Rebecca A. McDonald: Executive Committee (Presiding Director)

Corporate Administration
585 West Beach Street
Watsonville, CA 95076
Phone: 831-724-1011
Fax: 831-722-9657

More To Come!


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