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Thu, 7 Jun 2007 16:57:59 -0700

Dear Mr. Hillinger: 

Thank you for your correspondence in which you have expressed concern over the possible closing of the Los Angeles County Raceway (LACR) located on Avenue T in Palmdale. Unfortunately, the raceway is located on private property that is leased from Granite Construction. The subject site has been approved for many years for aggregate mining under State Permits.

The City recognizes the many significant benefits the raceway offers local youth. In an attempt to determine if there is a way to preserve the raceway at this location, staff members, as well as members of the City Council, have met with both the raceway and quarry operators. We will continue to pursue those discussions in hopes that a solution can be found. Alternatively, city staff has, in the past, discussed various concepts for relocating the facility with the raceway operator and would be supportive of reestablishing the raceway at another location, if that option arises.

Thank you for your comments and for your continued interest in our community. Please feel free to contact Asoka Herath, Director of Planning, at (661) 267-5200 should you have any further questions regarding the raceway operations or any proposed relocation of the raceway.


James C. Ledford, Jr.

Re: Question For Granite & The City of Palmdale Save LACR
Wed, 6 Jun 2007 10:12:54 -0800

We are in the process of having meetings to determine just the answers to 
questions you have put forward. 

Mike Dispenza

Tue, 05 Jun 2007 10:43:22 -0700

Question For Granite & The City of Palmdale Save LACR

First of all I want to thank you for your support. I truly believe that a solution can be found and that it is worth fighting for.

Last Friday at the rally Mike Dispenza had mentioned that the City of Palmdale had made an offer to Granite. Granite had said that they already sold the aggregate that is under the track.

This is my question for Granite, Just how much is the contract worth? or how much aggregate in yardage etc. does Granite need to fulfill their contract with their client.

If we could ascertain and get a real answer from Granite; Couldn't the City of Palmdale actually purchase the aggregate from other local sources (such as Holiday or Vulcan) and in trade have that delivered to Granite's client in exchange for the property that the track sits on.

I'm sure that Granite will most likely come up with some kind of excuse, like the aggregate under the track is better or something like that but still its coming from the same area, basically the same hole!

Granite wouldn't even have to process the aggregate only deliver it which might even win them early scheduling cash rewards. And I bet you the City could possibly get a good discounted rate from Holiday and Vulcan.

All three aggregate suppliers could show how team spirit in the community can work in order to come up with a solution.

Just like our racing community at the track. 9 times out of 10 if your car brakes down during a race, and your competitor has the part or a tool that you need, he will give it to you in the name of brotherhood and a racing community that supports each other.

Do you catch my drift?

Your Thoughts Please.


Jeffrey W. Hillinger
A.K.A. Moldy Marvin

6/5/2007, 4:55 pm

My name is Cheri Brewer-Agalsoff. I am the third generation of women who have raced or been involved in racing in my family and my daughter Ashley is the fourth. I raised my children around racing and also their friends with the hopes that they would one day grow and know that street racing is illegal. Of all the kids I have brought to the races with me, many have grown and come back and told me of the fun that they had there and remembered that street racing is not drag racing. Those kids made a promise to me that they would never race on the streets, and keep their friends from racing on the street, but now that the closing of LACR is here where will they go?

Please help me keep our children off the streets and out of troubles way. Help me keep them and others from being on the nightly news being involved in a high speed accident. Where are our children to go? Where can they race or show their cars and not cause any trouble. These kids are far from organized sports and playing in the park. What is available for them?

Help us in keeping LACR open till somewhere else can be found or something safe can be done to allow the kids and families can continue to race safely at LACR.

Thank you for any help you can in this matter.
George P. Lara on 6/5/2007, 8:07 am

I have been coming out to LACR since 1994, after my family moved up there in 1993. I found out about LACR because I used to drive around Palmdale looking to get in trouble (speeding). ;-) So one day I decided to enter and watch the drag racing, since I had been a fan of drag racing since I was 13 or so. I used to street race my 1984 Camaro, but never took it to LACR. After the street racing scene got bad, I decided to try LACR. 

I was instantly hooked! I finally had a legal place where I could race my vehicles and not run from the sight of sirens in the middle of the night, then looking for the next spot until the sun came up. Plus I could finally brag, or should I say be humbled, about how fast (slow) my car was. In 2001 I purchased my 2001 Camaro SS with an A4, mainly for commuting but also to be quick. 

It is all about the 60' and ET with me. After a few modifications, it was turning 12.8s. I attended pretty much every Wednesday and Friday night grudge for the 2002 and 2003 years. I even recall one Wednesday when I arrived at the track. I left work early in Newbury Park to be at the gates by 5pm. When I arrived, I noticed I forgot to stop by the bank for extra cash, so I had to look through my pockets and car to come up with the entry fee. Talk about a die hard racer. When I made it to the staging lanes, no one wanted to run. I said to hell with them, I will race by myself. Well, I recall it was only myself and this classic mustang racing only. When I was on the return road, he was going down the strip. When I was going down the strip, he was on the return road. I made 27 passes that day, within one and a half hours. I was so beat that by 8pm, when the regular crowd started showing up I was asleep in the staging lanes. I was woken up by other racers waiting behind me to move up the line to race. I decided then that I was too tired to continue and headed directly home after my pass. 

I became such a regular that people in the stands came up to me and complimented my Camaro, and even mentioned they would bring their kids to watch my car run (as well as others I would imagine). I recall Marie working the staging lanes with Bernie. Then she was promoted to announcer. I say this because on one night when I was out there, I raced a 2002 "600rwhp" blown Corvette. On the second race, and I even have the video as evidence, I hear Marie over the loud speaker say "I bet the Camaro is gonna whoop ass on that Corvette" as I was pre staged. LOL, like as if I was under enough pressure to get a quicker time. Low and behold, I hooked and took off while the corvette did not hook. That was a great night, but it doesn't compare to the one when I met my (then to be) wife. 

It was Nov. 2003 and I lined up next to this blonde in a Camaro. She was racing a 1998 Camaro Z28 that could run low 11s. We lined up and I got her out of the hole, but I saw her catch me at the 60' mark and then fell back, I of course taking the win. We race once more, and same out come. We talked and I concluded that her clutch slave cylinder was not bled properly. After sometime, she contacted me and I went over to fix some issues with her other car (1998 Camaro V6), which started a long lasting relationship, both on and off the track. We have competed in several races at LACR, from CITGO to the National Open. We missed out on the 2006-2007 season because we were expecing our first son, Riley Jake Lara. 

Now with our son being born, I was hoping he would also follow in his parents foot steps and race (or at least crew) at LACR, but that will never be. But we can at least attend the last few races of LACR. Sorry we could not have been at the Rally, we really wanted to, but with a newborn it was difficult. We will miss all of our friends that worked at LACR and those we met racing in the bracket field. Thank you all for the great memories, they will not be forgotten.

Thank you Bernie and LACR!

George P. Lara
Jenibella Lara
Riley Jake Lara

1998 Camaro Z28
Jenibella Racing

Fri, 1 Jun 2007 10:45:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Moldy

I wish you the best of luck with that, seriously... It's proven to be a tough cause to win. I saw our own Fremont Raceway Park get demolished only to build riceburner dealerships. I loved that place & and had a LOT of fun there over the years, particularly at the nostalgia drags. It was one of the best dragstrips with many of the big names in drag racing putting in a valiant effort to save the old track but the developers had all the money & the city of Fremont wanted it out so out it went. I was there on the last day of racing, my old panel truck ran a 12.92 on street radials that day. I'm kind of getting choked up thinking about it, I really miss that place...

Again, best of luck,


Wed, 30 May 2007 15:53:28 -0800

I am currently holding meetings to discuss the viability of saving the racetrack. Wish me luck..

Mike Dispenza Mayor Pro Tem City of Palmdale

Wed, 30 May 2007 21:38:06 -0700

I am in reciept of the form letters. I do support maintaining this raceway. In fact, my nephews are racers. The city is talking with Granite, with the city manager and mayor on the point position. 

We are trying to ascertain the value of that deposit under the raceway as a first step in this process.
Also Granite does NOT own the land, just the mineral rights, so that is an additional issue that must be addressed. 

Please pass the word.

Steve Hofbauer

Sun, 20 May 2007 20:10:49 -0700

In 1977 I was writing a story on the Re-opening of this race track for the Antelope Valley Press, I stayed there 20 years and learned all about the great American sport of Drag Racing and how to be a professional race announcer. It also was the first race track both my sons ever went to and raced at. My oldest would go there with me every Saturday just to be part of it and my youngest started racing at 8 years old. 

This track has seen generations of racers and racing pass through its gates. It now seems the "Progress" that has changed the Antelope Valley will claim another victim of it's history. The track first opened in the 1960's, closed and then re-opened in 1977 and has operated without stop ever since. 


Bob Beck
Manager, Trade Shows
GM Isuzu Commercial Truck
Cerritos, CA.

Fri, 18 May 2007 14:27:47 EDT

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I'm sure you've already received countless letters regarding the ''Save LACR'' campaign. I started to copy & paste the same letter that everyone else is sending but then quickly reconsidered. I think maybe personal experience on my behalf will make more of an impact. To put it simply, we are a drag racing family. My husband has been drag racing for more years than he cares to admit and I myself, a 45-year-old grandmother, I joined the drag racing circuit a little over a year ago with my own car & trailer. The most important thing, however, is our 22 year-old-son. Like his father, he's been into fast cars all his life. 

From the time he began showing an interest in cars, we explained the dangers & foolishness of illegal drag racing but in the end, peer pressure won out. We got lucky. This story doesn't end in tragedy like it could have. We all know he could have been arrested, killed or even killed an innocent bystander. And it was prevented simply like this: we took him to Los Angeles County Raceway with us.  From the minute we arrived, he was hooked. Now we go to the track as a family. And all his friends that used to street race illegally? They come, too. It's close, it's affordable (kids can't even go to the movies these days for less than it costs to race all night!), it's safe and it's fun. It's that simple. It's a kick to see all the kids there on Wednesday and Friday nights for Test 'n Tune. They have an absolute ball and I have to wonder ''Where will all these kids go if this track closes?''. Ourselves, we'll just have to make the trip to Bakersfield to race and that's only because 

We're fortunate enough at this stage in our lives to be able to afford to do so. But the kids…well, I can only give a pretty good guess what they'll do since Palmdale is a big place with no shortage of ¼ mile stretches in any direction. A ''Save LACR'' rally has been planned for June 1st at the track with all the supporters we can get together and media. I realize it would be too much to ask for you to attend this rally yourself but if a representative could stop by, they would see all the families and kids who would be affected by the closure of this family-owned track. I can't even begin to imagine how busy you are, Governor Schwarzenegger, but if you could please, please give this matter some consideration, you will never know how truly grateful we would be. I appreciate the time you've taken to read this letter and any consideration you can give this matter. Thank you so much.

Sincerest Regards,

Diane Branham
''Branham Family Racing''

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 11:36 AM

Dear Mr. Councilman, 

The reason that I am writing you is we need your help in saving one of Southern California's oldest running drag strips. Los Angeles County Raceway in Palmdale has been in operation for over 40 years and now is in danger of closing. LACR has given many of us a place to race several times a week and has been keeping our kids from drag racing on the streets by offering them a cheap place to race legally. I know that you are extremely busy, but I hope you will help in this matter. Please go to for more info. I look forward to your

Respectfully Submitted,
Dwight R. Garland III

Thu, 29 Jun 2006 18:44:56 -0700


I am a racer at LACR and live in Lancaster, I have been racing there for almost 18 ys, myself, husband (also a racer) and my dad are very upset to see LACR close.

Not just our hometown track, but your right the programs there for the future racers is a great place for them to get off the streets and race in a controlled environment. I am sure there is revenue to city of Palmdale for when there are the bigger races held there, as far as hotels and eaterys, etc.

Years ago we (and fellow racers) went to the city of Palmdale to have our say about the noise volume from the surrounding housing tracks that had issues with the track, we won that fight, I hope there is something to be done to relocate the track or save it.

I heard about this web site from the Speed Scene racing program (Scott Hudson) and I havent seen anything on the LACR site???

Hope to help and pass the word also.

Mitch & Shelly 

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