Save Los Angeles County Raceway!

Amazing Photos of the Track and The Mining taken from the Air by Todd Schultz during the Rat Fink Party 2007


Reclaim the Land! 

L.A.C.R. has been the home to hundreds of Racing Clubs and Associations for over 40 years. L.A.C.R. has one of the best programs for teaching both young and old drivers the rules of safety not only on the track but the streets as well and we all seem to agree that we like the location right where it is!


By State and Federal laws the Land that surrounds our beloved track needs to be reclaimed!

The reclamation bond for this property specifies that it could be used for the following, a Public Recreation facility, a Wildlife Refuge or a Drainage Storage Basin which we already have at Littlerock Dam.

Reclaiming the land  and building a new facility  would be the logical solution! Why? Because the land is already permitted for a drag and a motor cross racing facility.  There would be no need for an environmental impact study because it has already been done for the property in general and it would fall under the classification of a Public Recreation facility. 

This would not only save a lot of time but it would also save millions of dollars in studies and permits. 

There is no reason why we can't start right away! The  work can get started immediately with the help of the Los Angeles County, the current land operators and our community.

The property is a perfect candidate for a park with rolling hills, grass and trees, a facility with lots of room, a restaurant, a racing museum and an amphitheatre to include a motor cross track a clay roundy round track for midget, dwarf and legends racing and of course the drag strip. 

The racing pits could be shared and hookups could be provided for over night racers and camping as well. This property could be a place where our outlining communities could come and have picnics and enjoy the day! A place where teens could ride their motorcycles and race their vehicles down a race track in order to keep them off the streets!   

Beautifying and converting the gaping holes into a useable facility for our county and our community only makes since!


To learn more on Mine Reclamation, Check out The California Department of Conservation and  Mine Reclamation

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